​Sweet Tooth

I have baked all my life.  Then in 2014, I discovered that I was gluten intolerant!  I thought, no problem, I will just substitute gluten free flour for regular flour in my usual recipes and all will be good...well, not exactly.  Gluten free baking is a whole other animal.  I had to forget what I knew and start from scratch.  After much trial and error, I started to produce delicious cookies, pies, cakes, bread and everything, just like before.  People were telling me that my creations were so delicious that I should sell them.  So I created Sweet Tooth! 


While we continually strive for innovation at Sweet Tooth, we’re still making our creations the way mama made them (if mama was gluten free!). Some say better...but don't tell your mama.


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Delicious homemade goodness